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Review and photos: Jain takes the Fine Line into orbit

Jain’s sold out concert last night at the Fine Line Music Cafe was a playful and energetic evening led by an artist who took us on a sonic journey. The French pop artist, on a North American tour behind her 2018 album Souldier, is known for mixing sounds from a multitude of sources — from Arabic […]

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Review and photos: Four Fists unleash ‘6666’ at Icehouse

P.O.S and Astronautalis have released a handful of singles as Four Fists, but if you’re still unfamiliar with their music, I’d actually steer you toward “Fjortis.” It’s not a “spotlight track,” sitting two-thirds through their album 6666. It’s calmer than any of its neighbors. But it links personal narrative, pyro-punk, and a glinty beat in […]

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Review: Doomtree Forest solidifies crew legacy at Familia HQ

Doomtree fans buckled in for a marathon celebration of the collective’s family tree last night at Familia HQ in Minneapolis. While Doomtree have not dropped a group album since 2015, its members have stayed ridiculously busy with side projects. Several offshoots had their chance to shine before the crew took the stage last night at […]

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