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You Need To Know: Lutheran Heat, Piñata Records’s new garage pop delight

Lutheran Heat, four Minneapolis-based musicians making summery garage pop, are a ton of fun. The band split their time between making music (see: their first LP, Louder From The Other Side, out today), day jobs (from dog-walking to graphic design), and hanging out in hometown favorite bars. Whatever they’re up to, they’re probably joking around — guitarist/vocalist […]

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You Need To Know: Bora York

Bora York — multi-instrumentalist Chris Bartels, vocalist Rebekah Bartels, vocalist/guitarist Brian Seidel, drummer Bjorn Nilsen, and bassist Jamie Kauppi — make some of the most fun music in the Twin Cities. I’ve been curious to learn more about them, especially since I saw their “Arrest Me” video. And when I first reached out, one of my most pressing questions for the band […]

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You Need To Know: Katana Da Don

“I’m kind of soft-spoken,” Katana Da Don told me as I flipped on a tape recorder in a Northeast Minneapolis restaurant. In terms of volume, she was right — silverware and nearby chatter sometimes overwhelmed her voice. But in terms of power, the descriptor is totally wrong. Katana Da Don is a local rapper, and […]

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