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Photos: L.A. house Prince turned purple for sale at $30 million

Spoiler alert: it’s not purple any more. 1235 Sierra Alta Way, a mansion in Los Angeles, looms large in Prince lore as the house he rented from NBA player Carlos Boozer from September 2005 to May 2006. As recounted on TopTenRealEstateDeals.com: When Alaskan-born Boozer signed with the Utah Jazz in 2004 for big money, he […]

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A history of Prince’s performances at First Avenue

Today marks the 50th anniversary of beloved Minneapolis nightclub, First Avenue. Of course, one of the reasons this club has become as iconic as it is, is due to the legacy left by hometown hero, Prince. Throughout the ’80s, Prince made a name for First Avenue while simultaneously, First Avenue made a name for Prince. […]

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Goodbye, Honey and Ginger Hop

The coronavirus-related shutdown of local nightlife — and day life — will be delivering bad news for a while. We got some on Thursday, when Ginger Hop and Honey, a pair of bars in Northeast Minneapolis that have served up some of the Twin Cities’ most adventurous bookings, particularly of DJs, announced they were shutting […]

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Caitlyn Smith: ‘I’m keeping my eyes on the future’

This week, Jill Riley connected with Caitlyn Smith as we continued to reach out to musicians sheltering at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Jill Riley: We feel a special bond with Caitlyn Smith as she grew up just south of the Twin Cities in Cannon Falls. If you’re not familiar with Cannon Falls, that is […]

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