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Bob Dylan sued for alleged sexual abuse of 12-year-old in 1965

On Friday, Aug. 13, a plaintiff identified publicly only as “J.C.” filed suit against Bob Dylan in New York. The suit seeks compensatory damages for lasting emotional, physical, and financial injury stemming from sexual abuse that allegedly took place at the Chelsea Hotel in 1965, when the plaintiff was 12 years old and Dylan was […]

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Playlist: Bob Dylan’s Minnesota songs

The impact of Bob Dylan’s formative years in Minnesota is something he’s often spoken about — including in his Nobel lecture — but much less often sung about. Even if you stretch (and as you’ll see, I most definitely stretched), a playlist of Dylan’s officially released songs referencing or recorded in Minnesota doesn’t fill 90 […]

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Playlist: Bob Dylan’s most epic songs

Turning 80 this month, Bob Dylan has certainly had an epic life. He’s also written some epic songs — and we mean epic. Although he kept things pretty concise at the beginning of his career, Dylan soon began to draw on the folk tradition of long story songs, putting his own surreal touch on the genre. […]

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Every Bob Dylan studio album, reviewed by the Current staff

There have been all too many unhappy surprises in 2020, but one of the happy ones was that Bob Dylan released a surprise album: his first studio album of new original songs in eight years. Rough and Rowdy Ways won widespread acclaim, marking yet another chapter in the astonishingly long and successful career of Minnesota’s legendary […]

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Tony Glover archives, including rare Bob Dylan recordings, going up for auction

The widow of Tony Glover, the late Minneapolis folk-blues icon known as one of Bob Dylan’s most intimate early musical associates, is auctioning Glover’s archives in an online sale taking place Nov. 12-19. It’s a collection of extraordinary historical significance, particularly for anyone interested in Dylan’s Dinkytown period and his lifelong Minnesota connections. The items […]

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