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Review: Bon Iver and TU Dance ‘Come Through’ at the Palace Theatre

At the first of four sold-out shows at the Palace Theatre, Bon Iver and TU Dance — two local, nationally renowned performing arts powerhouses — performed something transcendent and deeply felt, a gripping blend of contemporary dance and music called Come Through. This project was commissioned by the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Liquid Music. Upon […]

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2016 in Review: Justin Vernon and the power of friends

Looking back at 2016, the Local Current blog team are putting together a series of features on the year’s defining trends. When we think of 2016 in local music, what sticks out? Here, Cecilia Johnson reflects on the forces behind Bon Iver’s banner year. Any good Bon Iver mythologist would tell you that debut album For Emma, […]

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A holiday gift guide for Minnesota music fans

The Lyrics: 1961-2012 by Bob Dylan Just because Bob Dylan didn’t celebrate his Nobel Prize in Literature win, doesn’t mean you can’t. The Lyrics not only showcases classics like Dylan’s 1960s canon and later works like Blood on the Tracks, but continues to record his most recent writings right up through Tempest. Bonus: The Lyrics also includes many of […]

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Friday Five: Bionik feat. Lizzo, Juniper Douglas, and more new Minnesota music videos

Bionik, “Ball Like Beijing (feat. Lizzo)” Producer Bionik and the one and only Lizzo deliver all of the Cartoon Network throwbacks with the new video for “Ball Like Beijing.” The song went slept on all summer, but the video might just launch it into the spotlight. Juniper Douglas, “Wood Rose” This video accompanies the noteworthy first single from Juniper Douglas, […]

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Calculating “22, A Million”: Bon Iver by the numbers

Numbers have been hugely important to Justin Vernon, writes Trever Hagen in a Bon Iver bio-turned-intimate-letter, and none has been so pivotal as 22. “22 stands for Justin,” Hagen says. “The number’s recurrence in his life has become a meaningful pattern through encounter and recognition.” It’s duality; it’s familiarity; it’s religion. In writing about 22, A […]

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