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‘Time heals’ for Roma di Luna, who’ve scheduled first show in nearly six years

These days, it’s most common to hear Channy Leaneagh’s voice alongside turbulent production and crashing drums. As a key instrument of Poliça — her band with Chris Bierden (bass), Ben Ivascu (drums), Drew Christopherson (drums), and Ryan Olson (studio production) — her words slur through reverb and mingle with synths and basslines. But once, Leaneagh sang for Roma di Luna, the […]

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It’s Larry Long Day in Minneapolis and St. Paul

Happy Larry Long Day! Yes, today has officially been declared Larry Long Day in the cities of both Minneapolis and St. Paul. Who’s Larry Long? As municipal honorees go, he’s not quite the household name Prince or Janet Jackson is. Nonetheless, the honor is well-deserved: the Iowa native, who now lives in Minneapolis, is a local […]

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Eight iconic Twin Cities music venues, illustrated

On our Local Current blog, we often write about local music venues. We wanted to add a touch of visual flair to our coverage, so we asked Minneapolis illustrator Allegra Lockstadt to create original illustrations of eight venues. Allegra explains the thinking behind her approach: I wanted to create a really romantic feel to these. […]

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