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Friday Five: Pye Luis & Devata Daun, Jessica Manning, and more new Minnesota music videos

Pye Luis & Devata Daun, “Weakening” The Pytch Records family comes together on Pye Luis and Devata Daun‘s new single, “Weakening,” off their forthcoming EP Plastik Boxes. Ryan Olcott (a.k.a. c.Kostra) mixed and mastered the project; Garrison Grouse and Pye Luis (a.k.a. Efren Maldonado) produced it. Adam Dunn directed the video with VFX by Evil Ice Cream […]

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Friday Five: Allan Kingdom, Qaanaaq, and more new Minnesota music videos

Allan Kingdom, “The Ride” Allan Kingdom continues his run of awesome videos from Northern Lights, this time co-directing with Ben Hughes. Qaanaaq, “Solid State” Qaanaaq are one of Gus Watkins’s many projects, and they sound great. Nsikak, “Bodied” Nsikak has a hot track in “Bodied.” It’s short, but it’s forceful, and it’s real: “If you’re going to take a […]

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Video premiere: Devata Daun sends “Animal Instincts” to space

I never thought of Icehouse as a movie theater before. But last night, when the curtains behind the venue’s stage were swept aside to reveal a mounted screen, I felt like I was sitting in a cinema. On the floor, the patient, hushed audience kept their heads tilted up, and they clapped in anticipation for the main […]

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Nicole Pfeifer’s darkwave journey from the Avalanche to Devata Daun

Nicole Pfeifer, also known by the moniker Devata Daun, exudes a warm confidence. She smiles easily and invites conversation, our topics ranging from septum jewelry to curry recommendations. This welcoming human being I recently met seems directly in contrast to her recent musical work, best described as “electro darkwave.” Both her persona and her music could […]

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