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Review and photos: Rock Bottom Remainders throw a book party for the ages, and pay tribute to Prince, at First Avenue

“This is a really bad idea,” said Stephen King, “especially considering that the band that first had a hit with this song came from Minnesota. Anyone remember the Trashmen?” Some of us remembered the Trashmen playing “Surfin’ Bird” on that very stage in First Avenue’s Mainroom. King dropped his guitar and stepped forward for that […]

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Review and photos: Foals romp at First Avenue

On recordings, you can sound like anything. It’s one thing to create those sounds in the studio, but bringing them to life is another matter when you have an attentive audience waiting in anticipation in the First Ave Mainroom. Fierce and all-encompassing, Foals have an energy that sucks you in and spits you out, something […]

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The Revolution are back on First Avenue’s wall of stars

The Revolution now have a star of their own at First Avenue, unveiled on April 28 during Celebration 2019. Although “Prince and the Revolution” was one of First Avenue’s original stars, the star changed to just “Prince” when the building was repainted in 2010. Since Prince’s death, the Revolution have worked hard to continue his […]

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Review: Best New Bands of 2018 spotlights noisy women

I have a certain admiration for angry people. As a citizen and scholar of the United States, I’ve read about the provocative suffragettes; the can’t-be-tamed flag-wavers; the defiant revolutionaries. I’ve imagined myself joining their fights. But when I think about the issues threaded through present-day America, I feel numb and/or scared more often than roused. […]

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