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First Avenue adds George Floyd star

A red star for the late George Floyd now adorns the outside of First Avenue, a permanent addition after mourners added a star there this past summer. The new star comes as part of a partial repainting across the venue’s face; a giant gold star marking the club’s 50th anniversary has also been added, and […]

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How many Minnesotans have First Avenue stars?

In honor of Minnesota’s 162nd birthday, we’re breaking down the 77 Minnesotans that have stars on First Avenue’s wall. Much like the music scene they all came from, these artists represent a variety of genres and subcultures. Some have international fame, others are local gems. In total, 18% of the stars are Minnesota locals. American […]

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Roy Freid: ‘First Ave is going to continue on’

Morning Show host Jill Riley has being phoning many friends across the music world locally, nationally, and internationally. With the 50th anniversary of First Avenue landing while the venue is closed due to the global health crisis, it seemed essential to check in with longtime First Ave employee Roy Freid, who is one of the […]

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Playlist: First Avenue stars, 1970-2020

420: what does that number mean to you? If you answered “the number of names with First Avenue stars,” you’re thinking along the same lines we are. To celebrate the club’s 50th anniversary this weekend, we made a playlist featuring most of the musicians immortalized with stars on the club’s wall. Below is a master […]

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