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A holiday gift guide for Minnesota music fans

The Lyrics: 1961-2012 by Bob Dylan Just because Bob Dylan didn’t celebrate his Nobel Prize in Literature win, doesn’t mean you can’t. The Lyrics not only showcases classics like Dylan’s 1960s canon and later works like Blood on the Tracks, but continues to record his most recent writings right up through Tempest. Bonus: The Lyrics also includes many of […]

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Rock the Garden 2016: Eight artists, one epic day

14,000 people converged at Rock the Garden on Saturday, prepared for a line-up that bridged genres and age brackets. Some had bought the ticket for veteran party rockers the Flaming Lips; some went for young indie-rock sensations Hippo Campus; many jumped on the opportunity to see the boundary-breaking Chance the Rapper. All day long, fans […]

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Why GRRRL PRTY have meant the world to me

As much as I’d enjoyed their music to date, I couldn’t have predicted how happy I’d be at GRRRL PRTY’s First Avenue concert last summer. I danced; I watched from the front row; I caught (and still have) one of the Jeremy Nutzman masks-on-a-popsicle-stick that GRRRL PRTY wore. Andrea Swensson described the show like this: “To call the evening […]

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GRRRL PRTY to say goodbye at Rock the Garden

They released two assertive, high-energy EPs; they worked with über-respected producers; they showed just how quick and commanding women can be; now, they’re about to say goodbye. GRRRL PRTY — rappers Lizzo, Manchita, and Sophia Eris, plus DJ Shannon Blowtorch — are breaking up this month, aiming to keep up with their artistic growth and their […]

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Sleater-Kinney and Lizzo share the love with searing Valentine’s Day show at First Avenue

In August 2006, Sleater-­Kinney performed their last show, in Portland, before taking a seemingly indefinite hiatus. In August 2006, Barack Obama was not yet a household name. Besides Saturday Night Live, Fred Armisen’s most prominent role was probably that of Tino the nightclub owner from Anchorman, with Portlandia still a half-decade from its premiere. I was […]

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Radio K, First Avenue announce Best New Bands of 2013

It might be the best bargain of the year for Minnesota music fans: seven bucks for seven bands, with not a lemon in the bunch. That’s how the annual Best New Bands showcase, hosted by First Avenue and sponsored by Radio K, works. The lineup for next month’s show—scheduled for January 30, with tickets on […]

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