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John Munson: So much to love about ‘Pet Sounds’

There is something hopelessly square about The Beach Boys.  Even as a kid I recognized this.  The sort of chubby discomfort of dudes trying to look cool rather than actually being cool… and even doing that in a way that wasn’t really fooling anyone.  The tight pants pulling in all the wrong places and stuff. […]

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Local Current goes wall-to-wall Munson/Wilson on Saturday

Inveterate collaborators John Munson and Matt Wilson (Semisonic; Trip Shakespeare; E. Brown) dropped their second Twilight Hours album, Black Beauty, today; they’ll play a sold-out Turf Club tonight and the 7th Street Entry tomorrow. To celebrate, Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges and St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman made Twitter declarations declaring “Only John Munson Day” and “Only Matt Wilson Day,” respectively, […]

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Jeremy Messersmith, John Munson, Rogue Valley join video campaign against Minneapolis 70-30 rule

Jeremy Messersmith, John Munson, and members of Rogue Valley appear in a new video dramatizing what the musicians and the video’s producers see as the absurdity of a law requiring food revenue at some Minneapolis restaurants to greatly exceed revenue from sales of alcoholic beverages. As Election Day approaches, many Minneapolis restaurateurs have been campaigning for voters […]

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