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First Avenue hosts all-night Prince party, plans more celebrations

In the last couple of years, I’ve heard so many touring artists pay tribute to Prince during their Minnesota tour stops that it’s been almost tempting to let the reverence become routine. Nate Ruess of fun. covered “Let’s Go Crazy” last summer; Francesco Yates (of dancefloor earworm “Sugar” fame) made the pilgrimage to First Avenue […]

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Lizzo and Sadie Dupuis release new track ‘Basement Queens’

Lizzo has just dropped a new track, “Basement Queens,” in collaboration with Sad13 — that would be the new pop moniker of Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz. The track is available exclusively on Google Play. Why? Because its creation was sponsored by Google. In the video below, watch Lizzo and Dupuis — who had never […]

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Watch Lizzo perform ‘Ain’t I’ on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Last night, Lizzo appeared with her full band, dancers, and (!) video screen to perform “Ain’t I,” a track from her new album Big GRRRL Small World. The album is out today, and Lizzo appears at First Avenue tonight with GRRRL PRTY. Andrea Swensson recently talked with Lizzo about what’s turned into a remarkable journey — musically […]

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On tour with Sleater-Kinney, Lizzo wows national press

Minnesota music fans were excited when Lizzo was selected to open for Sleater-Kinney on what’s become one of the most talked-about tours this year. Across the country, this is the first time many music writers are seeing Lizzo perform live. So far, she has impressed just about everyone. Reviewing Sleater-Kinney’s New York show for SPIN, Rebecca Weinberger said, […]

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Sleater-Kinney and Lizzo share the love with searing Valentine’s Day show at First Avenue

In August 2006, Sleater-­Kinney performed their last show, in Portland, before taking a seemingly indefinite hiatus. In August 2006, Barack Obama was not yet a household name. Besides Saturday Night Live, Fred Armisen’s most prominent role was probably that of Tino the nightclub owner from Anchorman, with Portlandia still a half-decade from its premiere. I was […]

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