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MC Longshot on the message of his new EP: ‘Go out, make your change, and fight the fight’

“This feels like we’re actually going forward.” said MC Longshot, while discussing the community’s powerful response to the police killing of George Floyd, and the current momentum in the ongoing fight for racial equity. “That’s the actual, hardcore meaning of movement, so I’m really proud of Minneapolis.” Local Show host, Andrea Swensson, had a conversation […]

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Review: Doomtree Forest solidifies crew legacy at Familia HQ

Doomtree fans buckled in for a marathon celebration of the collective’s family tree last night at Familia HQ in Minneapolis. While Doomtree have not dropped a group album since 2015, its members have stayed ridiculously busy with side projects. Several offshoots had their chance to shine before the crew took the stage last night at […]

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