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New Power Generation, 3RDEYEGIRL close out this year’s Celebration

And exhale. Celebration, the four-day event at Paisley Park, came to an weighty close yesterday in front of approximately 2,000 fans (1,000 people in each track). Sunday’s program capped a long weekend of storytelling, jamming, mourning, and of course, dancing in Minneapolis, all centered around the one-year anniversary of Prince’s death. From the panels to […]

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André Cymone will join the New Power Generation on tour

According to Billboard, Prince’s ’90s band the New Power Generation are headed out on tour after they play Celebration 2017 at Paisley Park. André Cymone wasn’t asked to perform with the Revolution (at Celebration or on their own tour), but the NPG’s Morris Hayes invited him to sing at Paisley and on the road after that. So far, […]

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New Power Generation: The story of Prince’s ’90s band

Throughout the 1990s, Prince lashed out against his label, Warner Brothers, with gestures so grand – the unpronounceable glyph he substituted for his name, the word “slave” he emblazoned on his cheek – they could overshadow the music he recorded. But though the career-making, radio-dominating, era-defining hits of the ‘80s were behind him, Prince’s sound […]

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