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Poliça’s new double single flirts with techno

“Digitally, we’ve tried to mimic the album for years,” Drew Christopherson told me in an interview leading up to Poliça’s fifth anniversary. We’d been discussing music discovery, saying that we rarely dove into full LPs anymore because it was so easy to stream the next single. “I think people have now [decided], ‘Why? What’s the […]

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Review and photos: Poliça turn five at First Avenue

Poliça sound best in the darkness. Sometimes that’s in your bedroom with headphones. Sometimes it’s on a late-night drive around a lake. On Saturday, it was at First Avenue, the rock club’s floor full and the lights low. I’d seen the band outdoors at Eaux Claires and Rock the Garden before, but something about their […]

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Neon and nature: Poliça reflect on five years as a band

“[The Current] started playing ‘Wandering Star’ by the new local band Poliça five months ago,” Mark Wheat wrote back in February 2012. “Our audience immediately reacted emailing and calling every time I played it, liking it for reasons they often couldn’t describe […] I’ve also always loved two drummers in a band, but it has seldom […]

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