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Freezer Jam: Minnesota musicians to play for people jumping into an extremely cold lake

The 4onthefloor, the Last Revel, Viva Knievel, and Maiden Dixie will be “breaking the ice” for Minnesotans at this year’s first annual Freezer Jam on March 4. It’s an outdoor music concert hosted at the Minneapolis Polar Plunge, where patrons willingly jump into ice cold water to raise money for Special Olympics Minnesota. The first Minnesota Polar […]

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Another Wabasha summer, under the bridge

If you listen to the lyrics of the 4onthefloor’s “Small Towns,” you’ll get an accurate depiction of the town I grew up in: one grocery store, no stoplights and yes, if you look hard enough in the right direction, a water-tower skyline. Perhaps it is the simplicity associated with these things that draws visitors to […]

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The 4onthefloor, Soul Asylum crowdfunding new albums

Two prominent local bands are turning to the public to help support the release of new music. Across the country, crowdfunding has helped bring a degree of control back into musicians’ hands and has allowed bands to interact directly with their fan bases. Today, we’re seeing it utilized in the Twin Cities as both legendary band […]

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