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The Counterfactuals: “Prof rock” takes the prairie by storm

As many college students will tell you, being invited to a professor’s house is a unique and exciting experience. For a Carleton College student to be invited, therefore, to the house of philosophy professor Dan Groll—frontman of the Counterfactuals—was a special treat. After somewhat awkwardly letting myself in, I followed my ears down to his […]

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Lovely Dark, Dewi Sant, Counterfactuals: This week’s Minnesota record releases

Lovely Dark: Into the Roil Psychedelic, layered, and theatrical, Lovely Dark’s upcoming full-length Into the Roil, out March 1, sounds like a walk through a fairytale forest, where the Decemberists meet The Doors meet Fleetwood Mac. The six-piece band’s meticulous and innovative blend includes organic strings, accordion wails, and roaring, distorted electric guitar, all dancing under […]

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