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Haunting, not Haunted: Soap Factory to host Ben Weaver and the Ericksons

Live Letters, the two-year-old concert series known for hosting shows in unconventional Minneapolis spaces, has chosen its next non-concert-venue venue: the Soap Factory. The Ericksons and Ben Weaver will perform there on July 27. Now in its third year, the Live Letters concert series is winning more attention without losing its intimate charm. This collaboration, the […]

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Hopkins High School Orchestra to bring sonic sweep to the Ericksons’ music

Each year Hopkins High School Orchestra hosts a Spotlight Concert featuring a special musical guest. Students are gearing up for this year’s February 21 performance alongside the Ericksons. The eight-year-old sister duo have their musical roots in Minneapolis. Bethany Valentini and Jenny Kapernick bring a stylistic blend of soulful and rich indie-folk. Both are excited to […]

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