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Photos: The Staves and Frankie Lee close out DUSTYGUN Icehouse residency

“The whole of Minneapolis is at Icehouse tonight,” I commented after walking inside the candlelit Nicollet Avenue bar. Chastity Brown sat at a table with friends; Jess Staveley-Taylor stood on stage talking with a tech; members of the media and other familiar faces strolled around the floor. Singer/songwriters Dusty Heart and indie rock band BBGUN were about to play […]

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The Staves’ guide to Minneapolis

“Every time you go to a gig, there’ll be at least one person wearing Eaux Claires merch.” Camilla Stavely-Taylor, one third of English band the Staves, is sitting near the door of Muddy Waters. Her sisters, Jess and Emily — the other two thirds of the band — are enthusiastic as they look up from their menus to nod. Jess […]

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Review: The Staves wield harmony and grace at the Cedar

During the past few years, I’ve had some key friendship moments on a crowded dance floor. Music is great that way — it gives people something to revel in, tugging the same glint out of everyone’s eye. On the other hand, I’ve spent some of my most introspective moments on those same dance floors, and I’ve […]

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