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Friday Five: Lizzo, Step Rockets, and more new Minnesota music videos

Lizzo, “Lift Every Voice and Sing/Good As Hell” We couldn’t have asked for anything better than this. Lizzo responds to Tuesday’s presidential election with a mighty dose of catharsis. Step Rockets, “Chances” Step Rockets release a kaleidoscopic video by Pat Garrahy, who shares, “The imagery in the video is most definitely meant to represent a psychedelic experience […]

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Friday Five: Mark Mallman, Atmosphere, and more new Minnesota music videos

Mark Mallman, “The End Is Not The End” Following in his creative video-making tradition (see: “Terrified” and “It’s Good To Be Alive”), Mark Mallman plays with images using Prisma, a photo-animating app. The video jumps into the in between, showing people in dreams both individual and somehow shared. It’s split-screen; it’s “both and”; it’s questioning — and it urgently defies any typical narrative arc. As Mallman […]

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Friday Five: Allan Kingdom, Goldfeather, and more Minnesota music videos

Allan Kingdom, “Fables (feat. Chronixx)” Allan Kingdom‘s “Fables” moved listeners as a song, but as a video, it brings them all the way to Jamaica. The air sags with moisture, and the light catches the actors’ skin perfectly. One of the most popular songs from Kingdom’s Northern Lights mixtape gets a beautiful treatment from director Martin C. Pariseau, Chronixx, […]

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Irie Sol, Persian Leaps, Theo Brown, John Louis: This week’s Minnesota record releases

Irie Sol: Dred Scott Fitzgerald F. Scott Fitzgerald’s character Bernice (“Bernice Bobs Her Hair”) is getting some life blown into her by self-declared “lit-hop” band Irie Sol. Their new Dred Scott Fitzgerald release pays homage to the character, who hails from Eau Claire. Appropriately, the band went to Justin Vernon’s April Base studios in Eau Claire […]

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Atmosphere, A Firm Handshake, Psymun, and more: This week’s Minnesota record releases

Atmosphere: Southsiders On their eighth studio album, out today via Rhymesayers, Slug and Ant pay homage to the Southside of Minneapolis, where the duo have made their homes and careers, name-dropping local landmarks and sprinkling the album with soundbites from around town. Slug’s always thoughtful lyrics look out as well as in, while Ant’s creative, […]

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