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10 Notable Minnesota Albums of 2018

This month, musicheads far and wide are sitting down to their notebooks or computers, tapering their 2018 listening into one shining top 10 list. We took on a similar task with local albums: not a top 10 list, per se, but a collection of music we found especially memorable this year. These albums roped us […]

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Thomas Abban wins City Pages 2017 Picked to Click poll

Thomas Abban has been named Minnesota’s best up-and-coming musician by the voters in City Pages’ annual Picked to Click poll, with 64 points. This year’s winners reflect just how diverse and genre-bending the Twin Cities music scene is these days. For example, just behind Abban with 48 points is indie-pop trio 4th Curtis. Other musical […]

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Friday Five: Corbin, Thomas Abban, and more new Minnesota music videos

Corbin, “Hunker Down” Directed by Braden Lee, Corbin‘s new video is grave — no pun intended — but it’s also a gorgeous accompaniment to his song “Hunker Down” from Mourn. For NPR, Andrew Flanagan writes, “With ‘Hunker Down,’ the forest is not only present, but central. Corbin is heading up north, to ‘where 61 touches the waterline,’ […]

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