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Someone hacked a limb off of U2’s Joshua tree

The music world has been buzzing today with news that a Joshua tree—the Joshua tree, for music fans—has been vandalized. Someone’s hacked a limb off of the tree made iconic by Anton Corbijn’s photography for U2’s classic 1987 album The Joshua Tree, apparently to claim an inch-thick slice as a souvenir. That’s a sad, simple story—but […]

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U2 releases new album on iTunes—for free

Music fans who thought they could snooze through today’s überhyped “Apple Event” were caught by surprise when U2 pulled a Beyoncé and dropped an entire new studio album, with no warning, after performing at the Cupertino press frenzy that also saw Apple announce the Apple Watch and iPhone 6. Oh…and it’s free. The new U2 album, Songs […]

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