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Why vinyl is resurgent in a digital age

On the very best of days, the biggest decision that I have to make is what album to listen to when I get home. These moments are rare, mind you, but there are times when immersing yourself in a record from start to finish can change the course and the mood of your entire day. […]

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Mick Sterling to lead Parkway tribute to Joe Cocker

The man who played the first night at First Avenue will be honored in Minneapolis with a tribute show in honor of his music career. On April 3, 1970, Joe Cocker played the first gig at First Avenue, called the Depot at the time, with his band Mad Dogs and Englishmen. The Minneapolis Tribune covered the historical […]

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‘Beautiful’: Carole King musical appeals to all generations

When I agreed to review Beautiful — The Carole King Musical, I was mostly excited, but a bit uncertain that I was the right person for the task. I was not alive during King’s songwriting heyday with Gerry Goffin, when their compositions climbed the Billboard charts throughout the better part of the 1960s. I was not alive […]

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