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Re-opened Armory in Minneapolis announces first music shows

The Minneapolis Armory, set to open as an event and concert venue under the commonsense name The Armory, has announced its first music shows as a re-opened venue. Electronic group Above & Beyond will perform at a “large scale New Year’s Eve event.” A series of shows with the Club Nomadic brand around the upcoming […]

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Sonny Knight and his ‘Juicy Lucy’ live on at Matt’s Bar

Soul artist Sonny Knight may have been from St. Paul, but in the first line of his 2014 album I’m Still Here, he shouts out historic Powderhorn hang Matt’s Bar. With “Juicy Lucy,” he references both a love interest and the restaurant’s signature, cheese-filled burger. Not only did Matt’s know about the song; they added it […]

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How I returned to seeing live music after getting sober

There are some things that just belong together: peanut butter and jelly, the moon and the stars, Johnny Cash and June Carter, you get the drift. Something else that usually goes hand-in-hand is alcoholic beverages or drugs with live music. This is the story of my relationship with these two. Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m […]

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Watch ‘Purple Rain’ music videos on the movie’s 33rd anniversary

Fifteen of Prince’s official music videos are now available on a Prince YouTube channel attached to Purple Rain‘s CD re-release. The videos have been added steadily over the last couple weeks, and as of today, six songs from 1984 smash album Purple Rain have been uploaded — some featuring footage from the accompanying film itself. In addition to Purple Rain, the channel hosts […]

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‘Twin Peaks’ episode 11 recap: There’s no backup for this

Episode 11 showcased a lot of the strengths of the new season of Twin Peaks, rewarding viewers who’ve been patiently waiting for the disparate threads of the series to come together. It leaves you wondering what David Lynch and Mark Frost might have done with the show’s original run if they’d been allowed to craft the […]

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