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Vocalist Molly Dean takes center stage with Moon and Pollution

“My goal as a human being is to live my life as an authentic person,” Molly Dean says, leaning back in her chair and contemplating her role in the electro-pop band Moon and Pollution. Dean has just spent the previous 45 minutes discussing her musical history, her approach to songwriting, and her appreciation of her […]

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Vaski: ‘The scene in the Twin Cities is magical’

At 24 years old, the electronic artist Vaski—born Alex Brouwer in Savage, Minn.—has already been around the world and back, touring on the strength of his accessible, frenetic, and bass-heavy dance music. Brouwer first caught the attention of the writhing masses when he was just 19, and quickly rose to the top of the heap of […]

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Mina Moore steps out with her first solo project

From performing in a Jellybean Johnson-produced all-girl band in junior high to singing backing vocals and touring with Caroline Smith, 30-year-old vocalist Yasmina Moore-Foster has already accumulated a long and fascinating musical resume. And although she is just breaking out with her first solo material and playing out under her own name for the first time this year, her […]

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Doom-rockers Wolf Blood have the Duluth music scene howling

With an international release this month, Duluth’s Wolf Blood is a band on the verge of making some major noise both home and abroad. Here’s the story of how a doom/psych/stoner metal band from Northern Minnesota found its audience. Sometimes, as they say, timing is everything. The flood that ravaged Duluth, Minnesota in the spring […]

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Prince’s band 3RDEYEGIRL on Paisley Park: ‘It’s like a musician’s wonderland’

Prince has always had a thing for numbers. To create his first recorded output in four years, Prince tapped a trio of musicians he found through social media to form his new band 3RDEYEGIRL. And after nearly two years of marathon jam sessions, rehearsals, and rounds of ping pong with his new bandmates and new producer, Prince ended up with not one, but […]

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