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Gary Burger of the Monks passes away

As the lead singer of the pioneering ’60s garage band the Monks, Gary Burger is often cited as one of the unsung heroes of early punk rock and one of the originators of guitar feedback. And as the mayor of Turtle River, Minn., Burger spent the later part of his life modestly tucking away his […]

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P.O.S. kidney transplant: Success!

“I feel like a new dude,” P.O.S. told his Doomtree crewmate Lazerbeak after recently receiving a long-awaited kidney transplant. As Lazerbeak reports on Doomtree’s website, the MC “seriously looks great.” Also, happily, recovering well is donor Mark Potter, who is already out of the hospital. “We’ve known Mark forever (actually went to high school with the […]

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6 surprisingly normal moments from Prince’s Arsenio Hall takeover

The funny thing about an artist’s mystique is that it only works if everyone around them buys into it.  And Prince seems especially skilled at keeping up appearances and maintaining an aura of implausible oddness and secrecy. There are no “normal” Prince stories out there; even when he asks a friend to do something relatively […]

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P.O.S. gets a kidney

For more than a year, Stefon Alexander, the Twin Cities rapper who performs as P.O.S., has been looking for a kidney. His musician pals, DoomTree, crowdfunded the cost, raising more than $47,000 for the procedure, well over the initial $25,000 goal. Most musicians don’t have health care. All he needed then was a kidney. The […]

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New Atmosphere album ‘Southsiders’ coming May 6

As hinted at by Slug during this winter’s Welcome to Minnesota tour, Atmosphere will release their new album Southsiders via Rhymesayers on May 6. Anyone who follows @atmosphere on Twitter knows that Slug has been using the #Southsiders hashtag for a while now to talk about his life in south Minneapolis. The album was recorded […]

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Winona’s Mid West Music Fest announces fifth anniversary lineup

Now in its fifth year, Winona’s Mid West Music Fest will once again call on talent from throughout the state to fill 13 different venues throughout the city. This year’s MWMF is taking place April 24-26, and will culminate in headlining performance by Minneapolis’s Lizzo, Caroline Smith, and the 4onthefloor and Duluth’s Charlie Parr. Other […]

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