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‘Beautiful’: Carole King musical appeals to all generations

When I agreed to review Beautiful — The Carole King Musical, I was mostly excited, but a bit uncertain that I was the right person for the task. I was not alive during King’s songwriting heyday with Gerry Goffin, when their compositions climbed the Billboard charts throughout the better part of the 1960s. I was not alive […]

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Review: Minneapolis celebrates Janet Jackson Day at Target Center

I’ve often thought Minneapolis has been oddly reticent to publicly claim its important place in the seminal career of Janet Jackson. Any oversight along those lines was certainly remedied on Sunday night at Target Center, as Jackson’s longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis joined her onstage to welcome Mayor Betsy Hodges, who officially declared it […]

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Prince serenades Madonna at late-night Paisley Park gig

Thirty-three civilians showed up to Paisley Park late last night. I know there were 33 of us because I ended up having plenty of time to count each and every one of us from left to right, then again from right to left and all the way up to the stage, which was littered with dozens of guitar pedals, […]

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Live from Paisley Park, it’s Prince! (on speakerphone)

If there was a name for that singular, warm, musky sandalwood aroma that permeates the walls of Paisley Park, it would have to be Anticipation. How else to describe that smell of upscale, anything-might-happen glee? It’s intoxicating. It makes reasonable people do embarrassing things. And it keeps people coming back for more. I’ve lost count of […]

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