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Lifter Puller reunite to help Dillinger Four ring in 21 years

“Dillinger Four is 21, huh?” Craig Finn was grinning ear to ear, surveying a giddy parking lot of black t-shirts and plastic pint glasses. He’d only made it two songs into his band Lifter Puller’s first performance in 12 years, and he’d stopped to take a few minutes to address the crowd while a stage tech […]

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Review: Dark pop, punk, and hip-hop made P.O.S’s TBFSE epic

Saturday night in Northeast Minneapolis, P.O.S’s F—ing Best Show Ever (TFBSE) illuminated the Minneapolis music scene. Set on Harrison Street next to Familia Skateshop headquarters in Northeast Minneapolis, TFBSE offered eight sets of music, a community-building experience, and a lot of casual musician sightings—I spotted Lazerbeak, Lizzo, and Caroline Smith. First, Ander Other (the “eighth member of Doomtree”) […]

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Alabama Shakes give Paisley Park all they’ve got

Is there anything more electrifying than that hopeful, anything-could-happen feeling that fills the air in the two hours before a Paisley Park show? Is there another time in our lives when a group of people’s hopes and dreams align so specifically? Have you ever cried about a guitar solo? Have you ever truly desired anything as much as […]

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