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Pitchfork Music Festival 2016: But what if we’re wrong?

  Year after year, Pitchfork Music Festival proves to be one of the most celebrated music festivals in the country. Its small size gives it a leisurely feel (the three-day festival in Chicago’s Union Park draws an estimated 50,000 attendees compared Lollapalooza’s 300,000 in Grant Park). Vendors help support the local economy, and the lineup is […]

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Morris Day and the Time pay tribute to Prince with swagger and style

“Minneapolis, if you love Prince make some noise!” They were the kinds of one-liners that might come off as platitudes from any other touring performer. But when Morris Day stopped between songs at the Minnesota Zoo’s amphitheater to shout-out one of his oldest friends and most complex musical partnerships, there was no question that he […]

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Rock the Garden 2016: Eight artists, one epic day

14,000 people converged at Rock the Garden on Saturday, prepared for a line-up that bridged genres and age brackets. Some had bought the ticket for veteran party rockers the Flaming Lips; some went for young indie-rock sensations Hippo Campus; many jumped on the opportunity to see the boundary-breaking Chance the Rapper. All day long, fans […]

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Dave Chappelle and friends pay tribute to Prince at Minneapolis Juke Joint

Sure, there are plenty of obscenities. There’s alcohol. There’s a venue easily accessible by public transit in the heart of the city. And instead of the entertainer radiating confidence, confidence feels in-your-face. But there is the ambiance of a last-minute, spontaneously planned event. There’s a pre-show deejay set where hundreds of phoneless folks eagerly and […]

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