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Rock the Garden 2016: Eight artists, one epic day

14,000 people converged at Rock the Garden on Saturday, prepared for a line-up that bridged genres and age brackets. Some had bought the ticket for veteran party rockers the Flaming Lips; some went for young indie-rock sensations Hippo Campus; many jumped on the opportunity to see the boundary-breaking Chance the Rapper. All day long, fans […]

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Dave Chappelle and friends pay tribute to Prince at Minneapolis Juke Joint

Sure, there are plenty of obscenities. There’s alcohol. There’s a venue easily accessible by public transit in the heart of the city. And instead of the entertainer radiating confidence, confidence feels in-your-face. But there is the ambiance of a last-minute, spontaneously planned event. There’s a pre-show deejay set where hundreds of phoneless folks eagerly and […]

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Review: The Staves wield harmony and grace at the Cedar

During the past few years, I’ve had some key friendship moments on a crowded dance floor. Music is great that way — it gives people something to revel in, tugging the same glint out of everyone’s eye. On the other hand, I’ve spent some of my most introspective moments on those same dance floors, and I’ve […]

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Review and photos: Soundset 2016 showcases hip-hop’s great range

On stage at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds at Soundset 2016, Sway Calloway shared some words on hip-hop culture: “It’s multifaceted and multidimensional.” The Sway in the Morning host was introducing legendary hip-hop crew (and Jimmy Fallon house band) the Roots, who proved his point in one neo-soul-to-swing-to-beatboxing set. But all day long, Soundset brought together disparate artists […]

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Paul McCartney pays tribute to Prince at Minneapolis show

The list of rock performers who could have been considered Prince’s peers in terms of pure musical talent is very short, but near the top of it would surely be Paul McCartney. At McCartney’s Wednesday night show at Target Center — the first of a two-night stand — the former Beatle paid tribute to our […]

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