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The Pines, Ellis, and more of this week’s Minnesota music releases

The Pines: Above the Prairie The Pines describe themselves as “transcendental folk.” The group — who hail from Moonrise, Iowa, but have strong local ties due in part to their longstanding relationship with St. Paul’s Red House Records — have never sounded more transcendental than on Above the Prairie, the new album they’re releasing on Friday. The title, […]

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Sawtooth Brothers: Two pairs of Twin Cities brothers play a new brand of bluegrass

For most people, the words progressive and bluegrass don’t necessarily go together, but that may soon change. A group of four talented musicians looking to make a name for themselves, Sawtooth Brothers are a band that will redefine your understanding of what bluegrass can be. Like the name suggests, Sawtooth Brothers comprise two sets of brothers: Clint […]

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