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Watch Ryan Adams join Bob Mould onstage in New York

“This is our first gig, so hold on—we’re just learning how to do this.”

Last night at Bob Mould’s Bowery Ballroom show in New York, Ryan Adams came onstage to join Mould for an encore filled with Hüsker Dü songs. According to jambands.com, the songs included “I Apologize,” “Celebrated Summer,” “Something I Learned Today,” and “New Day Rising.”

Adams is a longtime fan of Mould’s, and the two have recently appeared in each other’s videos. Mould is at the Bowery Ballroom again tonight; Adams will be at Northrop on Oct. 13.

Below is a fan video of Adams and Mould playing “I Apologize.” Via @dontbuythevowel on Instagram, see Mould’s set list from last night, with notes for drummer Jon Wurster. (Read our interview with Wurster here.)