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Paisley Park: Opening Day

Fan tributes outside of Paisley Park MPR Photo / Jay Gabler

While the questions about permanent status linger, Paisley Park opened its doors as a museum to visitors for the first time this morning.

Select media, like Today show’s Al Roker, had access in days leading up to Paisley Park’s October 6th opening, and a short briefing was held at 8:45 a.m. this morning for media outlets to hear from Paisley Park Managing Partner Joel Weinshanker.

Wearing a long purple sweater emblazoned with “Paisley Park” on the left sleeve, Weinshanker spoke of the intentional planning, and dedication to working toward making a “Princely experience.”

Early reports from VIP tour-goers say they heard an unreleased Prince song, and if ordered in advance, got a poster, tote bag, or a sample of some of Prince’s favorite food.

MPR News posted their coverage here: First Paisley Park tours draw Prince fans from around the globe

Watch for updates from Jay Gabler, Andrea Swensson and Producer Leah Garaas, who will report back from the tour experience throughout the day. MPR News’ Tim Nelson is also reporting from the scene.