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Paisley Park adds dance parties, movies, and…brunch?

A psychedelic projection reflects off a heart-shaped mirror in the NPG Music Club inside Paisley Park in Chanhassen, Minn. on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016 (Evan Frost/MPR)

Dance parties are returning to Paisley Park. So are movies and recording sessions (in a sense) — and an experience not commonly associated with Paisley Park in the past, brunch.

Prince’s studio, now open permanently as a museum, has announced that new “themed fan experience packages” will be available starting Dec. 1. “Paisley Park After Dark” — a moniker used in recent years in association with many of the public events Prince held at the venue — is being resurrected for Friday night dance parties and Saturday movie nights.

The DJed dance parties will take place on Friday nights in the NPG Music Club, while the larger soundstage room will feature Saturday night movie screenings to include “Prince movies and exclusive, rare performance footage – including video segments never before seen,” according to a press release. After Dark events will feature “special dining selections” available for purchase, though as of yet there’s no word that alcohol — largely verboten during Prince’s later years — will be available.

Each Sunday, the NPG Music Club will turn into a venue for a VIP event styled the “Brunch Experience.” That will “include a special meal in the NPG Music Club, featuring Prince music, videos and many of his favorite foods.”

One additional VIP perk announced today: in Studio B, already the site for a controversial photo op (with guests now separated from Prince’s instruments by a rope line), VIP ticket holders “will have the unprecedented opportunity to record live vocals over a short segment of a Prince song.” The recordings will go home with guests on thumb drives, pieces of technology now as iconic to the reopened Paisley Park as the form-fitting purple tunics worn by staff.

During Prince’s lifetime, After Dark events were never this regular, though Prince and his staff repeatedly considered ways to make them somewhat more predictable; at the time of Prince’s death this April, Paisley Park staff were planning a summer music series. The Paisley Park After Dark events even spawned a Facebook page that was previously a Prince-endorsed information source. That page continues to be maintained, but is no longer officially associated with Paisley Park, which rolled out new social media accounts as part of the reopening process.

Tickets are now on sale for some of the new experiences; VIP tickets remain $100, while general admission tickets are still $38.50. Paisley Park After Dark tickets — which include general-admission tours in addition to the dance parties or movie screenings — are $60. Brunch Experience tickets have not yet been made available for sale, and brunch ticket prices are TBA.

Simultaneous with the announcement of the new experiences, Paisley Park announced new merchandise items available online. Among the items now available: guitar picks ($10 for a pair), ping-pong balls ($12 per pair), and Love Symbol keychains ($12 each).

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