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Friday Five: Con Davison, Moise, and more new Minnesota music videos

Con Davison in "Talk"

The frigid polar vortex has passed, and Minnesotans are stuffing Target, gas stations, and every other errand spot they avoided for three days. Well, except me. I’m getting over my second cold of the month and dealing with a new bout of pink eye…so I still rely on screens for my interaction with the world. Luckily, Minnesota musicians have whipped up a nice batch of music videos to keep us all engaged whether we can leave the house or not.

Con Davison – “Talk”

This Bad Bad Hats drummer has a solo EP you should try. In this video, he pairs the Far Off Distant Plans song “Talk” with a series of solid backgrounds and wonky props. Tonight, he’ll perform a tour homecoming show at Moon Palace Books with Bathtub Cig and Dreamspook.

Moise – “One Last Time”

Moise is nearly ready to release his debut rock&B project Amongst the Leaves on Feb. 27 — but first, he’ll tease you with this single, a vibey two-minute song trailing smoke behind it.

Orchid Eaton – “Communist Cigs”

This Orchid Eaton video is brought to you by existentialism, lead singer Matt Leavitt’s year in India, and a bit of trespassing through the Gopher Ordnance Works ruins in Rosemount, Minn. “We did hours of footage amongst the forgotten cement bones,” Leavitt writes, “which looked for all the world like some anomaly of communal, industrial living.” Orchid Eaton and Con Davison open for Meg Kirsch at the Turf Club on Feb. 13.

Eleganza! – “I Am The Ghost”

Rockers Eleganza! perform “I Am The Ghost” at a sunny backyard BBQ. They’ll release their album Full Length with support from the Bad Man and more at the 7th St Entry on Feb. 9.

Jeff Zupfer – “One Minnesota”

If I could show one video to small kids in my life, it’d be this charming song about the state of Minnesota. Bloomington Public Schools music teacher Jeff Zupfer took advantage of the polar vortex/snow days, cooking up a catchy guitar tune, educational verses, and a way-cooler-than-average PowerPoint to combat cabin fever. One of my favorite verses:

We have our Twin Cities that live by the river
One is our old capital, the other is a hipster
Sometimes they are rivals, sometimes they are friends
St. Paul-Minneapolis are siblings to the end