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Friday Five: Wee Willie Walker & PaviElle, Gully Boys, 4th Curtis, Deka, and Tatum Mildred

"Wee" Willie Walker and PaviElle sing Walker's song "There Goes My Used To Be"

It’s good to be back at the wheel for Friday Five! I’ve been out for a couple of weeks and would like to thank Jay Gabler for filling in admirably. In fact, I’m on the road again this week — coming at you from Wisconsin, where I’m emotionally preparing to attend Eaux Claires Hiver this weekend.

Wee Willie Walker & PaviElle – “There Goes My Used To Be”

The great blues singer “Wee” Willie Walker passed away this week, and we at The Current have been swapping stories about him — his love for others in the Minnesota music community, his stints in the Valdons and Willie and the Bees, and the night he performed at our event The Rise of the Minneapolis Sound. After hearing of his passing, multimedia associate Helen Teague quickly edited footage from that 2017 event, and we’re happy to share his duet with PaviElle French (above) and his performance of “I Ain’t Gonna Cheat On You No More.”

Walker arrived at The Rise of the Minneapolis Sound fresh off the boat; literally, he flew in from his gig at a Blues Cruise and got to the Fitzgerald Theater during the show’s intermission. Andrea Swensson writes:

For one of his songs, “There Goes My Used to Be,” Willie was paired with the powerhouse PaviElle French. They didn’t have a chance to run through the song together because of the aforementioned blues cruise, and they are both such pros that you’d never be able to tell, but there was a moment when he finished his verse and she lifted the microphone to sing — the first time he’d stood next to her and really heard the power of her voice — when he jumped back a bit, smiled, and laughed. That’s how I’ll remember him: Smiling and laughing in awe of the power of music. Rest easy, legend.

Gully Boys – “New Song No. 2”

New Gully Boys! The Boys play with wigs, drums, and dance routines in “New Song No. 2,” the first single from their EP Phony (out Dec. 20). While you’re marking your calendar for the EP release, take a moment to flag their December residency at the 7th St Entry, too; they’ll present bands such as Marijuana Deathsquads, Lydia Liza, and The Bad Man on Sundays.

4th Curtis – “Nonstop”

4th Curtis are back with a punky EP and culinarily excellent music video. Invisible Ax drops on Nov. 29, with a release show the same night at Fallout Urban Art Center. Band members Ty Gale and Lex Noens directed “Nonstop.”

Deka – “Escapist (prod. booboo)”

Deka and booboo present “Escapist,” an old song with a new music video. The music is dark and catchy, featuring lyrics in Somali; the music video fuzzes and blinks at will. It’s only about a minute and a half long, which is fine if you’re like me and just keep hitting repeat. If you like this, check out “Tepid,” a gorgeous song Deka just released.

Tatum Mildred – “Swing Swing”

We’ll round out this Friday Five with a wholesome video by folk artist Tatum Mildred. Madison Lutz, a Minneapolis cinematographer, is behind the camera.