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Friday Five: Summer-ready Minnesota music videos from Ka Lia Universe, Gully Boys, and more

The Friday Five isn’t a weekly feature any more, but we bring it back on special occasions — like today, marking the approaching end of a summer season that’s produced more than its share of memorable Minnesota music videos.

Ka Lia Universe- “I’ve Been Thankin'”

Ka Lia Universe is one of the more than 100 acts being featured at this year’s State Fair. Her ultra-high-energy pop includes catchy choruses and a mix of Hmong and English. Her latest music video, “I’ve Been Thankin”‘ features endless shots of well-dressed crews dancing and embracing a carefree summer vibe.

Gully Boys – “Russian Doll”

Gully Boys have been on a roll and show no sign of stopping. Along with signing to Get Better Records and selling out a headlining show at the Fine Line, their new single “Russian Doll” has been making all of our summer playlists. The video follows the Boys around on the day of a show, hitting the snooze button a couple times and getting ready to be rock stars. Their new EP, Favorite Son, is due out Sept. 10.

Low – “More”

Local legends Low are poised to release one of the most anticipated Minnesota albums of the year with their album HEY WHAT due out on September 10th. “More” is the third single from the project and the saturated music video looks like something that would play at the Walker. Tools assemble and dissemble a variety of objects, always switching up the out coming just when you think you know what is coming next.

26 BATS! – “Portal Party (Reprise)”

A birthday parade complete with puppets, masks, costumes, and lots of smiles. The latest from 26 BATS! is a warm look at a creative group of friends full of celebration and light. It’s a welcome view after a period of isolation, and it accompanies a track from the band’s new album, Portal Party.

WHY NOT – “Flight Home”

With dizzying angles and more views of the inside of a Port-O-Potty than most anyone takes in during a whole summer of fairs and festivals, WHY NOT‘s latest is a playful summer ready jam. It’s the band’s second single release of the summer and shows they have the energy to get back in front of sweaty crowds without hesitation.